"We don’t let obstacles get in our way!"



A Perfectionist with a Love for Aesthetics

Jeff Tucker, strives for and delivers astonishing print pieces for JMT Communications, a Manhattan-based printing company. His in-depth consultation and experience create high-quality and high-performing pieces.

For Jeff, the most enjoyable task as a printer is the presentation of the finished product—the ‘wow’ signals a happy client and a lasting working relationship.

With ease and joy, Jeff becomes part of your team. Working closely with designers and clients from concept to completion, this serious but good-humored professional immerses himself in every project—finding the best cost solution, determining the right structure, colors, shapes, paper stock, finishes, and meticulously checking press sheets in different lighting. Every detail matters, working from the start of a project through to the end to avoid expensive mistakes.

His long list of projects with high-profile clients includes a 700-page coffee table book for the David Letterman Late Show, a gold-gilded edge visitor guest book for the New York Stock Exchange, and a Home Buyer’s Guide for Compass, Inc., to name a few.

JMT Communications specializes in architecture and design, fashion, sports, entertainment, corporate marketing, education, and nonprofit organizations. From brochures, coffee table books, direct mail, catalogs, and media kits to large retail and event signage. JMT Communications offers premium, high-touch, top-shelf SERVICE.

With a BA in Industrial engineering from Lehigh University and MBA from Columbia University, Jeff began his career in corporate America, and he eventually found his passion—creating the beautiful printed pieces that drive success for some of the most discerning clients in the world.